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Why do HTML emails display as centered on the page in Outlook (or other e-mail hosts)?

Knowledge Article Number 000025250
Description HTML emails display as centered on the page in Outlook (or other e-mail hosts). How can this be resolved?
Resolution Note: In order for users to follow the steps below, they need to have the permission to edit HTML templates enabled in their profile.

Here is what needs to be done:
1 – Create the template first as an HTML (Using Letterhead) template.

2 – If it works fine and has everything you wanted in all variations of Outlook (or other e-mail hosting in use), you’re done!!

3 – If it doesn’t, right click in the email and select “View Source” in the received e-mail, and copy the source to a text editor. (I use Notepad2, so I do this in one step – View Source automatically opens the source in Notepad2) See attachment. Notepad2 is not supported by Salesforce Support. Also, copy & paste the subject from the HTML template to a separate area so you can paste it later.

4 – Fix the HTML (in this case, on the fifth line where it says "</style><body style=" background-color:#FFFFFF; bLabel:body; bEditID:b1st1;"><center>, change <center> to <left>), save it to a .html file, and test the file with each browser. (For Outlook, IE8 may be all that’s necessary – Outlook uses settings from there!)

5 – Create a NEW template, but create it as a Custom (without using Letterhead) template.

6 – Paste the Subject from the separate area mentioned in step 3 into the Subject field in the new template.

7 – Copy and paste the HTML from the text editor to the “HTML Body” field in the new template.

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