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How to check the proxy configuration on a computer

Knowledge Article Number 000025278
Description How to check the proxy configuration on a computer.

Sometime when you install Outlook Edition, salesforce Offline, or other client applications, you receive errors such as "unable to send request to server" or "unable to access the" and etc

This could happen if the user has the Internet Explorer proxy settings set to "Automatically detect settings"

To resolve this issue have the customer's IT dept manually configure the proxy settings for Internet Explorer 


here is how to check to see if user is using a proxy server:

1. From Internet Explorer, click on Tools | Internet Options
2. Click on the “Connection” tab

3. Click on “LAN settings

User-added image

4. If the first box “Automatically detect settings” is checked, they are probably using a proxy server.

5. Refer to your (customer) IT department to populate the “Address” and “port” number for their proxy on the “Local Area Network (LAN) Settings”. The image below is just a sample.

User-added image


 Close the editor restart Outlook and try Connect for Microsoft Outlook once again.

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