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Why are email attachments sent as .HTML file links?

Knowledge Article Number 000025280
Description I am sending emails from Salesforce with attachments however when the recipient receives it shows up as a .html link, is this working as designed?
Resolution Mass Emails:

The mass e-mail feature in Salesforce allows users to use an e-mail template to send an e-mail to up to 250 recipients at once. It is possible to send files as attachments with mass emails; however it is important to know that if your e-mail attachments are coming in as .html attachments, it is because you are using an e-mail template with an attachment. All e-mail templates with attachments will come in as .html files.

E-mail recipients will see the name of the attached file at the bottom of the e-mail, as well as an embedded link within the body of the e-mail.

To view the attachment the e-mail recipient simply has to click on this link and the file will open in a new browser window on their computer. Recipients then have the choice to save the file locally.

Single Emails:

If attachments are being sent as HTML links when you send emails through the "Send an Email" button on a Salesforce record, it is because any attachment or a combination of attachments that exceeds 3MB will become an HTML link. The email should contain small html attachments that can be clicked on to access the actual documents.  When recipients click the attachment link in the email, the attachment opens or downloads the native attachments in the users Web browser. 

Salesforce stores these attachment files for 30 days. If a recipient tries to view an attachment after the 30 days have expired they will be presented with a message telling them that this file is no longer available and that they should contact the person who sent it to them if they would like it re-sent.

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