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Knowledge Article Number 000025329
Description Printable View allows you to print data on the spot, like a Contact or Lead detail page. You can customize the view by hiding the Salesforce logo and collapsing certain details of that page. Take a look at the following options
Resolution Remove the Salesforce Logo  
Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

The logo in the upper-left corner of the record can be removed by having Salesforce Support enable a feature that hides our branding. ​Here's what you'll need to do:

  1.  Have a System Administrator log a Case with Salesforce Support
  2.  Ensure you include all information relevant to the request.
  3.  Support will review the request and take the appropriate actions. 
  4.  You may receive a request from Salesforce Support asking to verify additional details.

Tip: This feature also removes the SFDC logo and the copyright footer in "Stay In touch" emails and in event invitation emails.

Replace the Salesforce Logo

The Salesforce Logo cannot be replaced with your own company's logo. Take a look at the Ideas Exchange, as other users have already requested this feature. Feel free to add another comment, vote, and check back for more updates. 

Expand or Collapse Sections of Data
  • If you pull up a record, you'll see that you can expand or collapse each section (Additional Information, Address Information, etc). If you collapse a section prior to clicking the "Printable View" link, it will be collapsed in the view. 
  • You can click the "Printable View" link, and then in the upper-right corner of the page click "Expand all" or "Collapse All."

Note: Individual fields cannot be removed from a detail page in Printable View.

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