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What determines the standard Picklist field values when syncing events/tasks to Salesforce from Outlook?

Knowledge Article Number 000028635
Description If the Type (or any other standard Salesforce field) is returning blank or with a value the users do not wish to have when a Task/Event is being created from Outlook to Salesforce via Salesforce for Outlook, a default value for the picklist must be defined in Salesforce.

PLEASE NOTE: To access the options described in this article, you need to have the permission "View Setup and Configuration" enabled in your Salesforce user profile.

Follow the steps below to address this issue

1- Go to Setup | App Setup | Customize | Activities | Task Fields or Event Fields | and click on the name of the field.

2- Review the value in your picklist options to determine if a "Default" value is set. 

3- Salesforce for Outlook uses the Default picklist value selected in the "Task /EventType Picklist Values" when syncing into Salesforce Tasks and Events from Outlook

4- If  no Default value is selected Tasks and Events will sync into Salesforce with no Task/Event Type

If you change the default for the picklist, this means that any records created through the Outlook integration or any record created through the User Interface will have this value.  You can only change it in the User Interface if the field is editable by the user, and on the page layout.


NOTE:  If this field is required on Page Layouts but no default is chosen for the field Salesforce for Outlook will not create the records.

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