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Radian6 - Summary Dashboard - Info Cubes Not Populating

Knowledge Article Number 000028658
The Summary Dashboard uses data from either insights or the topic profile you have selected to populate the info cubes. Each info cube will use one of these sources to display the information you see there.  Below you will find details as to why the data in a particular info cube may not be populating.
There are four main reasons why info cubes may not populate:


Data not available

If the topic profile is not capturing a significant amount of content, the info cubes will not have enough data to provide accurate results. They will reflect a Data Not Available message. You can check your Estimated Monthly Volume (EMV) in your topic profile configuration. For example, if you have less than 500 monthly EMV, data may not be available in the Summary Dashboard Cube(s).

Topic profile does not have the required insight package

Some info cubes require an Insight package to be applied to the profile in order for it to populate. Radian6 offers two free Insights (Radian6 Insight & Basic Demographics) and if you wish to have more information about the paid insights, please reach out to your Marketing Cloud Account Representative.

Keyword group labels not defined in Topic Profile

Within your Topic Profile Configuration, there are three group type labels available to apply to your keyword groups that help define the keywords within.  These keyword group type labels (Industry, Brand, and Competitor) are used to populate cubes within the Volume Section of the Summary Dashboard. For example, in the Share of Conversation cube, you need to have two keyword groups set up in your Topic Profile: one for your brand and the other for Industry to view what your brand's share of conversation is within the industry.

Historical data not available

A topic profile is provided with seven days of historical data upon creation. When looking at a time frame that is outside of that seven days, cubes will populate with a “Data Not Available” message.

Insight historical data and topic profile historical data are independent of each other.  If the cube is relying on insight data, then the historical data available may be different then the topic profiles' historical data. Once an insight has been applied to a profile, it will only apply the insight data to the last seven days of content starting from the date it was applied. Insight historical data and topic profile historical data are independent of each other.



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