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Radian6 - Summary Dashboard - Accessing Historical Data

Knowledge Article Number 000034960
Description How much historical data can be accessed in the Summary Dashboard? 
You can select up to 90 days of data in the Summary Dashboard. If your Topic Profile does not have 90 days of historical data, the Summary Dashboard cubes display Data Not Available: We're not getting data for this Info Cube right now. Please check again later when you select the 90 Days view. If you have 90 days or more of historical data for your Topic Profile, you can select a custom date range for any dates within the last 90 days. 


Locating the total days of historical data available for your Topic Profile

1. Log in to the Summary Dashboard.
2. Select that tab or create a tab containing your Topic Profile.
3. Click the gear on the right below Custom Date.
4. Click Topic Profile Overview.
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5.  The number of days of historical data is listed under Days of Historical Data.
6. Click Back to Dashboard to return to your Summary Dashboard results.

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