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Radian6 - Engagement Console - Restricting Posting Permission

Knowledge Article Number 000034964
Description Can a user's ability to post from the Engagement Console be removed?
Resolution A Super User can remove another user's ability to post from the Engagement Console by modifying the user's permissions. Follow these steps to remove the permission to post:

1. Log in to the Engagement Console.
2. Go to File | Manage Team | Permissions.
3. Select the Permission Set from the list that the user is in and click Edit Permission Set. If you want to create a new Permission Set, click New Permission Set.
4.  Under General Permissions, clear the Allow Posts check box to remove the permission to post from all stacks.
If there are certain stacks you want the user to have the ability to post from:
1. Select the appropriate Stack Type and the Permission to Allow Posts.
2. Click Add Exception. 
3. Choose Yes or No for the exception in the Exception List based on whether you want the users in the Permission Set to be able to post from that stack type.
5. Click Save Permissions.  You are returned to the list of all Permission Sets.
6. Assign any users to the Permission Set that should not have publishing permission. 
1. Select your Permission Set.
2.  Under Assign Team Members, select all team members you want to assign to the Permission Set.
3.  Click Save Assignments.


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