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How to minimize recalculation impacts caused by Sharing Rules deployment

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When you deploy Sharing Rules via the Metadata API or Change Sets, sharing recalculation is run to update User access to records. For larger organizations, this recalculation might take a significant amount of time even after the deployment has been successfully performed. Here's how can you minimize the impact caused by Sharing Rule deployment. 
Enable Deferred Sharing Rule Recalculation or Parallel Recalculation
  • Deferred Recalculation lets you apply sharing rule changes at a later time after you create or edit them.
  • Parallel recalculation takes advantage of multiple threads to speed recalculation of each object. .

To monitor your deployments done via the Metadata API:

      1. Go to your name | Setup.  
      2. Click Deploy | Monitor Deployments

To monitor your deployments via Change Sets:
The outbound change set page will show the results of the deployment, and an email notification will be sent out.  If you notice that your deployment is successful but you are experiencing sharing access issues, you can take steps to mitigate them. 

To monitor Sharing Rule recalculations running in parallel mode:

      1. Go to your name | Setup. 
      2. Click Monitoring | Background Jobs.

Parallel recalculation jobs are listed together with other background processes, including a percentage estimate of the recalculation progress.

Good to know: Before you contact Salesforce Support to have these features enabled, check out Considerations Before Making Org Wide Sharing ChangesDeferred Sharing Rule Recalculation, and Parallel Recalculation.  


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