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How can I add a tab?

Knowledge Article Number 000038156
There are tabs that do not show up by default in Salesforce.
Resolution You can add a tab by clicking on the "+" tab and then click on the 'Customize My Tabs' button. From here you can select the tab you want to add from 'Available Tabs' column to the 'Selected Tabs' column.
You can use the Up and Down buttons to organize your tabs as you need them and click Save to see your changes. 

If the tab is not displaying on this page, then it may be hidden from your profile. To resolve a system administrator could update the tab settings to change it from 'Tab Hidden' to 'Default On' / 'Default Off'.

The tabs could be added to the app by the system administrator by going through the following steps: 

1) Setup | Create  | Apps
2) Click Edit before the name of the App
3) On the Available tabs, select which you'd like to make available as default and move it to the "Selected Tabs" section
4) Save

This should apply for the entire organization, and the administrator could specify if he wants to override the current display of the users too.

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