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Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Media Types Available for Topic Profiles

Knowledge Article Number 000041344
The Radian6 platform covers a large variety of media types that can be configured at the Topic Profile level within the Topic Profile Details section. At the widget level, media types are also customizable for viewing your social results.
Resolution The media types available in the Radian6 platform for Topic Profiles are: 
A blog can oftentimes be part of a traditional website or stand on its own. Blog posts vary in length and topic but are a great place for people to start extended discussions around individual subjects. Comments on blogs are how the community can interact with the blogger.

Our keyword matched content captures video and image posts by matching to titles and descriptions. 

Mainstream News
Think of sites like or These segments of mainstream news outlets that allow a community to interact with them through actions like commenting on the news stories are usually what is covered.

Twitter is a social network, which support short-form communication and link sharing between a large audience.

Forums/Forum Replies
Forums include threaded discussions on specific topics that may require membership to comment. They’re very specific, gated communities that can be great for back and forth Q&A-style interactions between the community.


Facebook is a social network, which support communication and link sharing between a large audience. This coverage also incorporates Public Facebook page information.

This media classification refers to sites that have a focus of selling a product or service mostly by advertisements or even listing.

A site that pulls content from another site and reproduces on its site word-for-word with or without giving credit. Keep in mind this doesn’t include blogroll sites or sites that cross-post their content to other blogs or websites.


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