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Radian6 - Data Acquisition - Determining Noise

Knowledge Article Number 000041399
Description How the Radian6 platform determines and eliminates noise from social results.

What is Noise?

Noise is considered to be social results that are not valid or relevant to the intention of the search. This can include adult content, being redirected to unrelated sites, non-grammatical posts composed of nonsense strings of words/phrases or posts composed solely of lists of links.


How Does Radian6 Classify Noise?

The Radian6 platform uses commercial text classification technology to identify posts that are likely to be considered "noise". A text classifier must first be trained to recognize "noise" content, where training is performed by providing the classifier with a set of text documents that are confirmed to be included in the "noise" category.

The Radian6 noise classifier has been trained on a significant sampling of posts that were confirmed to be noise, and a corresponding set of posts that were confirmed to be non-noise content. We will continue to tune classifier training as additional forms of noise content appear in the social media space.


What if I Want to See Noise?

All posts that have been identified as noise can be accessed in the Radian6 dashboard by configuring widgets to "show deleted items and spam". This gives you the ability to override noise settings for a post if you would like to include/exclude posts in your topic profile results.

More questions about Noise in your social results? Please feel free to contact our Customer Support at

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