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Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Setting up an Alert

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Description Within the Analysis Dashboard create an As-It-Happens or Daily Alerts to have new results delivered straight to your inbox at an interval you select. Each Alert hyperlinks directly to the relevant post and you can receive alerts even when you’re not working in the dashboard.

There are two different methods to configure Alerts in the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard

1) Configuration menu (Topic Profile-wide results)
2) River of News widget (widget results)

Whether the Alert is configured in the Configurations Tab or within the Widget, the alert configuration will look the same. The difference is in the scope of posts that will be incorporated within the Alert. Alerts can be built off of a Topic Profile from the Configuration menu or off of a widget that has a Topic Profile selected as the Data Source. 

1) Configuration Menu

When creating an Alert via the Configuration menu, the Alert will include every post that meets the configuration of the Topic Profile(s) that is selected. 

Go to the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard | Configuration | Alerts | Add New Alert to create an alert in the configuration menu.


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2) River of News widget

Alerts that are created via a River of News widget will include only the posts which are returned to the widget results rather than the Topic-Profile wide results that an alert from the configuration menu will provide.

1. Go to Radian6 Analysis Dashboard | Dashboard
2. Open and configure a River of News widget.
3. Click the grey cog at the bottom of the widget.
4. Click Manage Alerts.


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Configuring an Alert

Title: The name of the alert which will be displayed in the Subject Line of the email sent.

Alert Status: Toggle between "Enabled" and "Disabled" to control whether or not the alert is active and sending out the emails (Enabled) or not sending the emails (Disabled).

Daily Alerts: Alerts will be sent every day at the specified time. The time is based on the time zone configured in your settings. Alerts will send up to 1,000 posts per report.

As it Happens: Alerts will be sent out every x minutes to include the most recent 75 posts. When an alert is initially configured, the system retrieves recent content to a maximum of 75 posts from the last 24 hours.

Alert Frequency: Daily alerts are configured to be sent at a specified hour of the day (24 hour clock). As it Happens Alerts are configured to be sent at a specified interval (minimum every 30 minutes).

Note: As it Happens Alerts will only be sent if there is new content. For example, if 30 minutes is chosen as the frequency and 30 minutes have passed with no posts are received, it will not email the Alert. 


Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Alert Configuration

Once you have saved the configuration, you should begin to receive the Alerts at the Frequency/Time specified.

Note: If you are having any issues with your Alerts, please view this article on Best Practices for Contacting Customer Support with troubleshooting steps and all the information you need to send about your Alert.

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