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Why am I hitting the Chatter follow limit when I am not following any records?

Knowledge Article Number 000044623
Description A user is attempting to follow a record and receives a notification that the maximum number of records is currently being followed.  Upon closer inspection of their chatter wall, they appear to be either following no records at all or are following a number smaller than the current limit.
This is likely due to a record that was followed, but has been deleted.  If this record is still in the Recycle Bin of the organization, the subscription to the record is still active.

This can be alleviated by:

1) Restoring the deleted record (if you know which one it is) and unfollowing it from the record.

2) Running an export on the Entity Subscription object with the Data Loader or Excel Connector and reviewing the file for the delinquent records.  The identification of the records would have to be a manual process as the export of the object will not identify 'IsDeleted' as an attribute of the record. Once found, a delete can be done on the same object to remove the subscription to the record opening room for the user to follow more records.

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