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What is the IdeaExchange?

Knowledge Article Number 000044645

The IdeaExchange is a forum where Salesforce customers can suggest new product features, promote favorite enhancements, interact with product managers and other customers and preview what we are planning to deliver.


How can the IdeaExchange help my organization?

  • Suggest new product concepts directly to Salesforce Product Managers.
  • Promote ideas you want to see developed.
  • Discuss ideas with Product Managers and other Salesforce customers.
  • Get previews of what Salesforce is planning to deliver in the future.

If your product enhancement idea is important to your organization, we encourage you to promote it on the Idea Exchange!

Promote your product ideas

Search the IdeaExchange for similar ideas and post your own if it isn't already there for others to see. Then, use the IdeaExchange's tools to track your idea's activity history (including the number of promotions and customer and Product Manager comments) or save ideas from other customers to your Idea Watch List and track their activity over time.

For information on IdeaExchange terminologies, please see IdeaExchange Overview and Status Definitions.

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