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How do I mass Enable Self-Service Users while using the "Generate new password and notify user immediately" checkbox?

Knowledge Article Number 000050977
Description While using the Mass Enable Self-Service User functionality is it possible to use the "Generate new password and notify user immediately" check-box to send an email with the Self-Service User's Username and Password?
As the "Generate new password and notify user immediately" checkbox is not present on the Enable Multiple Users Page, a password is not generated when a Self-Service User is Created/ Enabled in this way. Instead, you are able to select the desired Self-Service Users from a Self-Service User list view that you define, and reset the password for all selected Self-Service Users from the view itself using the 'Reset Password" button.
To reset one or more Self-Service User's passwords:
1. Click Your Name | Setup | Customize | Self-Service | Self-Service Portal | Users.
2. Select the users whose passwords you want to reset.
3. Click Reset Password(s).
4. Click OK.
This will provide the Self-Service Users with a Username and Temporary password with which to login to the Self-Service Portal through the login that you have embedded in your Website.It will not, however, provide them with a link to the login page. Therefore, you will need to send them an email with the Login URL to the Self-Service Portal Login URL that includes how and where to use the Username and Password which they will be receiving shortly.

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