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Why doesn't global search return a result when using apostrophe

Knowledge Article Number 000051006
Description ISSUE :

We're noticing that the global search in one of the environments is not returning results when the search includes an apostrophe ( ' ). Searching for "Anna's" returns no accounts even though there are records with the record name "Anna’s Lifecycle test client ". Searching for "Anna" returns results. Why this is happening?

Resolution CAUSE :

This problem can happen sometimes when the account name is edited in MS Word, Outlook or other similar programs which changes these special characters to other ones automatically. (example of characters they change : quotation marks or dash (or hyphen) characters) 

The apostrophe you type in through the keyboard is a different character from what is in the account name.

For example,

1) the apostrophe in the account name : ’ 
2) the apostrophe in your keyboard : ' 


1) try search with other field values to make sure whether it is not indexing issue. If the record cannot be searched with other fields either, then it may be the indexing issue. If search returned the record that you are expecting, you might hit the same issue.
2) bring up the record
3) copy & paste the name from the record to the search box rather than typing it
4) see if the search returns any record

If it is the special character issue, the search should return the result when you use copy & paste.

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