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Use Fiddler Cap to capture network traffic for troubleshooting purposes

Knowledge Article Number 000051012
Description If you're working with a Salesforce support agent , they can request a capture  of network traffic to help with troubleshooting. These can be helpful for support to diagnose issues such as network performance, proxy and browser issues, Single Sign-on, or Integration troubleshooting.

Before you get started - The steps below should be followed when you experience performance issues with Salesforce and only when instructed by a Technical Support Engineer. The steps below might be slightly different based on the version of FiddlerCap you are using. For specific questions about how to use this software, please contact FiddlerCap Support.

To do this, we will use a tool, called "Fiddler Cap". Fiddler is a tool for analysing http transactions, and the "Cap" program is a simple-to-use version which can save logs which you can send back to the support team. In order to install this program, you will need Administrative rights on your local machine. Please consult your IT department if you are unsure, or experience problems installing the application.

Step-by-step Instructions

1.   Download the FiddlerCap installer.
2.   Close all instances of Internet Explorer.
3.   Install FiddlerCap by running the FiddlerCapSetup.exe file. FiddlerCap will start automatically when the installer completes.
4.   Inside FiddlerCap, click the Clear Cookies button and then the Clear Cache button.
5.   Ensure that the Decrypt HTTPS traffic checkbox is checked.
6.   Click the 1. Start Capture button. A new Internet Explorer window will appear.
7.   Log into Salesforce and try to reproduce the issue.
8.   Inside FiddlerCap, click the 2. Stop Capture button.
9.   Click the 3. Save Capture button. Save the .SAZ file to your desktop.

Once you have completed and saved the .saz file, return it to Salesforce support, or attach it to your support case.

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