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Product Topic Definitions on Help & Training

Knowledge Article Number 000051013
Description To help with routing your cases quickly, please review the following definitions to select the correct product topic:

CRM Applications:
CRM ApplicationDescription
Customer Service and SupportQuestions or issues with Cases Management, Solutions, Knowledge, Live Agent, Ideas, Customer Support Portal
Sales and MarketingQuestions or issues with Opportunities, Leads, Forecasting, Territory Management,
Reports & DashboardsQuestions or issues with creating Reports, Dashboards, Analytic Snapshots, or new Custom Report Types
EmailQuestions or issues with mail delivery, email to case, or automated system emails
MobileQuestions of issues with mobile devices: Salesforce1, iPad, iPhone, Touch, Blackberry, Android, Mobile Chatter
Network & Browser PerformanceQuestions or issues related to response times, browser or network performance
Desktop IntegrationQuestions or issues related to Chatter Desktop, Connect for the various email systems,  Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office Integration, along with Salesforce for Outlook 
SecurityQuestions or issues with Computer Activation, Trusted IP Restrictions, Phishing, Security Tokens, Data Residency Option for encryption or login issues
Packaging, Change Sets & Installing AppsQuestions or issues related to Packaging, Uploading and Installing apps for Appexchange
Limits & Feature ActivationRequests to activate add-on features like Multi-currency, Territory Management, Person Accounts; increase limits on workflows, portal roles, email etc AND for a change of your system administrator
ConfigurationQuestions or issues with Roles and profiles, Workflows, Custom Objects, Custom Fields, Page Layouts, Sharing, Translation, Validation rules and any other configuration question
Data Management & SearchQuestions or issues with Data Import, Data Loader, Data Export, Storage Usage, Sandbox, Content, Documents, Files and Search
Collaboration Chatter 

Developer Support 
Developer SupportDescription
Apex and VisualforceQuestions or issues related to Apex and Visualforce Development, sites and
API integration and SSOQuestions and issues related to all our APIs, API Performance, Single Sign On, OAuth, SAML, SSL Certificates and Delegated Authentication
Sales and Billing  - Questions related to invoices and license activations

Help and Training - Questions or issues related to the Help & Training Site including difficulties completing Training module.

Additional Products - Buddy Media, Radian6,, Clean & Prospect


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