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Data Export ZIP not opening

Knowledge Article Number 000054162
Description I need a data export of my org. However when I download the export, it is not opening the ZIP file. It is opening with Picture Manager or another program but not displaying the correct files.
Resolution If you are having problems opening a Data Export Zip file, it is possible that you do not have WinZip installed on your PC. WinZip is the program required to open Zipped folders on a Windows PC.

To install WinZip:

- Search the internet for 'WinZip'
- You should receive a number of websites that allow you to download the WinZip program
- Download a free version from one of the websites
- When the installation has completed, follow the instructions below to download your data export successfully.

To download the export:

- Log into Salesforce
- Click on Your Name, Setup, Data Management, Data Export and Download.
- Your Data Export should open in a Zipped Folder
- Please save this folder to a destination folder of your choice on your PC.

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