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When using Login access why can I see the Developer Console for a standard user?

Knowledge Article Number 000060503

To see the Dev Console (You see this by going to your name and it's within the drop down with Setup) you need to have Admin permission "View All" and to use this have "Author Apex".  

When I login as one of my users using granted login access I can see developer console in this drop down why? 



The above is true that if a user does not have Author Apex, and View All then no they would not be able to see the Developer Console in the drop down under your name.  

Note: As an Admin who has these permission, logging into a user using granted login access will allow you to see this option under the drop down. Even though YOU as the system admin can see it, if the user does not have VIEW ALL DATA & AUTHOR APEX, they will not be able to see it via normal login. 

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