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Which profile permissions are not API accessible?

Knowledge Article Number 000060523
Description We keep updating the list of profile permissions each release. To capture the list of available profile permissions accessible via API, follow the steps listed in the resolution section of this article. If a permission is not listed in the result, it means that it is not accessible via the API.
Resolution To view the list of profile perm API names and labels follow the steps provided below.
  • If you are an admin user:
  •  If you are a developer:
    • Go to /soap/ajax/38.0/debugshell.html (replace 38.0 with the latest API version)
    • Use the following code to get the list of profile permissions and accessibility via the API.
​​var permissionSets = sforce.connection.describeSObject("PermissionSet").fields;
var s=''; 
for(var i=0,imax=permissionSets.length;i<imax;i++) 
     if(permissionSets[i].name.indexOf('Permission')==0) s+= permissionSets[i].name + ': ' +permissionSets[i].label + '\n';

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