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What are the character sets supported with web-to-case?

Knowledge Article Number 000073314
Description What are the character sets supported with web-to-case?
Resolution All data stored in the system is stored as UTF-8 encoded unicode. This includes double byte languages (like Japanese, Kanji characters).

When you create the standard template in Web-To-Case: 

Setup - App Setup - Customize - Self Service - Web-To-Case - Generate the HTML - 

One of the first lines you'll find there is the following:

"<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=UTF-8">"

This value can be manipulated to be adapted to any character set you may require but UTF-8 should be enough for any needs as it was created to be a superset of encodings for all languages.

As a reference you can review the Article:

There it explains that UTF-8 will store Cyrillic characters using double size and Thai and Hindi's Devanagari characters using triple due to the nature of the characters but they will be handled appropriately.

Note: The same applies to Web-to-lead as well

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