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Getting Started with Case Collaboration

Knowledge Article Number 000073346
The case collaboration feature allows you to add up to 20 individuals from your org to a case with Salesforce Support to keep them up to date on the status of the case.  These individuals are known as case collaborators. 

Please note this feature applies to Salesforce Support Cases accessible via the Help & Training Site. At the moment this is not a feature that you can enable for you own Service Cloud support channels and it's just available for Salesforce Support Cases. Idea Exchange link:
Useful information when adding case collaborators to your case:
  • You and all case collaborators that you have added to a case will receive an email from the portal when cases are logged and when comments are updated.
    • All emails are sent from "".  Please make sure to add this email address to your address book to ensure you receive these emails.
  • Case collaborations can be added or removed at any time by the person who logged the case.
  • If a case collaborator is added after the case has been logged, all case comments will be visible to them in the email they receive.
  • You and case collaborations can reply to the email to add a comment to the case.
    • NOTE: when you respond to emails, please retain the "reply to" address. The “reply to” email address will be unique for each case, but will look something like:
    • Emails sent to "HelpTeam" will not be processed.
    • We are unable to accept screenshots or attachments through email. As an alternative, you can perform those functions by logging in to the Help site and attaching the materials to your case directly.
  • Case collaborators will not see the case they have been added to when they log in to the portal; they will only receive email updates for the case.
  • Any customer can add a case collaborator to their case.
  • A case collaborator can be searched by name or email address.
  • Attachments added to cases will be sent via email to case contacts and case collaborators.
  • Only the individuals in the same account record that the case owner is associated within the case and who have logged in to the Help Site before will show up in the search box.  This is done to prevent incorrect case collaborators from accidentally being added. When a user logs into the Help and Training portal site for the first time, it creates a contact record on the account associated with the case. 

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