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What causes the 'Last Modified By' field to update on Leads?

Knowledge Article Number 000082951
Description I need a list of all the actions that trigger the last update date on a record to be updated outside of a normal record update? 
Resolution There are certain actions on a record which may update the 'Last Modified By' (date) field on a record and some which may not. 

These changes will update 'Last Modified By' (date) field on a record:
  • Edit/Save of the record manually or via API
  • Workflow or Process Field updates, Approval Process
  • Converting a Lead (this value will be available in reports and exports but not on the converted lead record).

On the other hand, the changes mentioned below will NOT update 'Last Modified By' (date) field on a record:
  • Adding/Completing an Activity on a record
  • Adding a Lead to a Campaign
  • A formula field getting updated on the record due to update on a field in a related object
  • Submitting a record to an approval process with no field update will not update this field.

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