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Multiple Unique Report Names "You don’t have permission to move this item"

Knowledge Article Number 000082958
Description The Report Unique Name, needs to be unique for any Public Folder, or it needs to be unique in a Personal Folder. As such you can have Reports with the same name in your Personal Folder as in a Public Folder, so when you try to move a Report from your Personal folder to a Public Folder, you might get an error.

Attempting to move a report with the drag and drop functionality causes the error 'You don’t have permission to move this item' to appear.

Saving into the other folder manually causes the following, 'Validation Errors While Saving Record(s) - There were custom validation error(s) encountered while saving the affected record(s)'.
Resolution To find it which Report uses the Report Unique Name, first of all, for the Report you tried to move, select Customize, then select Report Properties. Here you can see what the Report Unique Name is.

To find out which other Report has this Unique name, you need to have a Custom Report Type, for Reports.

You do this as per:
  1. Build a custom report type - Setup | Create | Report Types | Click on "New Custom Report Type"
  2. Select "Reports" as the primary object
  3. Supply a Label, Name and Description
  4. Choose a category to Store it in (Administrative)
  5. Deployment Status: Deployed
  6. Select Next and Save
Now you can use the report from the Reports tab, create a new report, with the Report Type you just created:
  1. Open Reports
  2. Select New Report
  3. Use the quick find to find the Report Type you just created
  4. From the fields column, drag the following fields into the Preview
Folder:Name; Created By:Full Name; Last Modified By: Full Name; Report Unique Name
  1. Drag the Report Unique Name, into the Filter area as well, and set it to equals and then fill in the name you found before
  2. Make sure to set the standard Show and Date Field to show all.
Running the report would now show you information on who created, last modified the report with the Unique name you are looking for..

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