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What is the impact on reports if I relabel a picklist value and a record type?

Knowledge Article Number 000089821
Description We want to replace the word 'Prospect' with 'Lead' in Salesforce. Does changing the record type and a picklist value of some accounts from 'Prospect' to 'Lead' impact any report filters? Is it only a label change?
Resolution When a picklist value has been renamed, the filter criteria in the reports and views are not automatically updated.

In a case of a record type, the label can be changed through the GUI Interface. This will not impact the reports as they are automatically updated once you run them. 

The Record type has a Label and another internal use field called Record Type Name. Changing the label only changes how the field is labeled as in reports etc.The internal name is used by Salesforce to recognize and identify the specific record type. 

If you change the label, and not change the name, reports will not be affected.

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