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Standard Territories Field does not Word Wrap

Knowledge Article Number 000097227
Description Standard field Territories wraps the text in sandbox but not in Production. Further it is not user friendly when there are long text.
Resolution This is working as designed and cannot be changed.

The underscore does not work the same as the hyphen, and putting one in does not allow a break in text to occur. The standard Territories field allows for a lot of characters, so if Territories with all underscores are put in, the screen lengthening will happen.

It will happen in any other field that allows for a lot of characters, such as a long text field.

This unfortunately is just standard browser behavior, and cannot be changed by changing the code. 

The recommendation would be to add in a few spaces (to the Territory Names, perhaps after the name of the Territory) or, although it would be more work, to consider hyphens instead of underscores for future Territory names.

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