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Add Collaborator Permission to Chatter Documents

Knowledge Article Number 000107353
Description If you'd like to set the collaborator permission for All Chatter Users on all Chatter documents on the Contact Feed, this can be done by using the Data Loader. We'll show you how. 

Before you get started - We recommend testing this process with a small number of records, 4-5 to get started. Then after you have confirmed that it works the way you expect, continue with the rest of the records.

Use the Insert in the Object "Content Document Link".

You'll also need an Excel File with three columns.

LINKEDENTITYIDThis is the ID of the User that you want to set as collaborator.
CONTENTDOCUMENTIDThis is the ID of the Chatter File that you want to Share.
SHARETYPEThis is a picklist. For this specific Case the value has to be C (stands for Collaborator).

For example:

Scenario: You have two users User-A and User-B with Id’s 00520000001Vlyj and 00520000001Vlyk and you have a Chatter File that has the ID 06920000000yTMyAAM.

Goal: Have both users as collaborators.

Solution - .csv file with: 
00520000001Vlyj 06920000000yTMyAAMC

Be careful - If the user you're adding as a collaborator has Chatter notifications enabled as they'll receive a notification for each document. We recommend that the user disable Chatter notifications while you make the updates to avoid getting a large amount of notifications.

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