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A complete guide for installing Chatter Desktop

Knowledge Article Number 000107357

Please see the System Requirements page before you start installing the application, to make sure you computer supports it.

1- Simply login to
2- Navigate to

For Non-Enhanced Setup Menu:Setup | Personal Setup | Desktop Integration | Chatter Desktop
Enhanced Setup Menu:
Your Name | My Settings | Desktop Add-Ons | Chatter Desktop  
For External Chatter users: Your Name | My Settings | Chatter Desktop

3- Click on Chatter Desktop

Note*  If you do not see the Chatter Desktop link, reach out to Salesforce support to have that enabled for your org.

4- Click on the Download Now image

5- Inside the image you should see the Adobe Air installer is loading and prompting you with a Yes or No to continue. Adobe Air is required for Chatter Desktop to get installed.

Note: Since your computer must have Adobe Air installed prior to downloading Chatter Desktop, if the Adobe Air installation fails on the step above you can download it directly from Adobe's web site - downloaded from HERE

6- Once you click on Yes, depending on the browser you are using such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox, most probably you will see a pop up or a yellow bar on top of your browser prompting you to Allow or Deny. Adobe Flash Player accessing your computer. If it pops up you must click on Allow

User-added image

You may also get this pop up that will prompt you to Open or Save the Adobe Air installer. Simply click on Open to run

User-added image

7- Installation of the Adobe Air will happen inside that small frame and when it is done you will be prompted with the following pop up box to install the Chatter Desktop. Simply click on Install
User-added image

8- Next screen will prompt you o choose your installation preferences, make your selection and click on Continue
User-added image

9- Click on Agree on the Adobe Personal Software License Agreement page

** You may get a pop up saying that an error has occurred and the installer file may be damaged. Refer to "Error when installing the Chatter Desktop - Installer Damaged" to address that issue
User-added image
10- Installation will start and once its complete you should see the Chatter Desktop popping up on your screen, click on Accept

User-added image

11- On the next page, click on Authorize and enter your credential to login

12- If nothing happens when you click on the Authorize button, please refer to Article Number  000211734


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