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Create a report on chatter groups with customers

Knowledge Article Number 000107367
Description We would like to keep monitored the chatter groups with customers. How can we report on them?
Resolution You can create a new report type with Groups as primary object and Group Members as secondary.
On the report type page, click on edit layout.
On the right hand side box, select Group Members and then click on "Add fields related via lookup »" and then click on Member and flag the checkbox beside Profile and beside User type (add the member's profile and type).
Click ok and save the report type.

Please create a new report with this new report type.
Add a filter: "allow customer" equals to true (this field is a checkbox that will help you to flag the chatter groups with customers).
Also you can filter by chatter member profile equal to "Chatter External User" that by default is the profile used for chatter customer invitations.

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