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Connect your Radian6 account with Google Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000107376
The Google Analytics integration allows you to see Google Analytics data for keyword matched content in the Topic Analysis and River of News widgets in the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard. 

You must have the following to connect the accounts:
  • A Google Analytics account.
  • A Google Analytics report with added as a user with Read and Analyze access. 
  • A Radian6 (non-trial) account to complete the Google Analytics integration.  

Set up Google Analytics integration with your Radian6 account

1. Add as a User with Read and Analyze access on your Google Analytics report (Follow these steps for adding Users to your report).
2. Email Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support ( with the following information: 
  • The domain that the referred traffic is being gathered for (e.g.
  • The UA ID for the report that traffic is being gathered for. It will be in this format:  UA--‐******--‐*.
  • The metrics you would like used. You can select up to 10 metrics for each integration.
Note: If you require more than 10 metrics, you can set up additional integrations for the extra metrics. They MUST be from the same list (e.g. 10 from Activity for integration 1 and 10 from E-commerce for integration 2). 


  • bounces
  • entrances
  • exits
  • newVisits
  • pageviews
  • timeOnPage
  • timeOnSite
  • visits
  • eventValue
  • goal(n)Abandons (you must provide the "n" value)
  • goal(n)Completions (you must provide the "n" value)
  • goal(n)Starts (you must provide the "n" value)
  • goal(n)Value (you must provide the "n" value)
  • goalAbandonsAll
  • goalCompletionsAll
  • goalStartsAll
  • goalValueAll
  • organicSearches
  • searchDuration
  • searchExits
  • searchRefinements
  • searchResultViews
  • searchUniques
  • searchVisits
  • totalEvents
  • uniqueEvents
  • uniquePageviews
  • visitors
  • visitsWithEvent

  • transactions
  • transactionRevenue
  • transactionShipping
  • transactionTax
  • itemQuantity
  • uniquePurchases
  • itemRevenue

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