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Custom Domain and CNAME redirection without www in URL

Knowledge Article Number 000113361
Description When you have website hosted on Sites using Custom Domain with related CNAME record with our registrar. 

When hosted website works well when you go to example ( 
However, when loging to (without the www) is not working and is redirecting to salesforce login page.(eg:
This is Working as Designed.
 There are 2 possible ways customer can meet their requirement:
1)  Some (possibly all) Domain Registrars require a separate CNAME record for the address with and without the www. 
2) Customer would need to redirect URL themself or direct it to a second Site that uses the same pages or redirects.

Customer can use a DNS forwarder to setup the domain.

>Please follow the links mentioned below to know about the ' Sites Best Practices'; 

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