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Why can't I view or edit an Event from a Shared Calendar?

Knowledge Article Number 000113365
Description I have set up Calendar Sharing, but my users are unable to view (or edit) an Event on the other user’s calendar.

When the user tries to access the Event, on the shared calendar, they receive an "Insufficient Privileges" error.

Resolution There are a couple of things you need to be aware of, when it comes to Calendar Sharing...

1. Calendar sharing settings affect the visibility of items on a calendar, but do not give access to event detail pages.

2. You can only view, add, and edit events on the shared calendar when the following are true:

- You have the “Edit Tasks” and “Edit Events” profile permissions to create and edit activities
- You have access to the user’s calendar

NOTE: To be able to edit an event, when the Default Sharing Settings for Activity is set to Controlled by Parent, then the user must also have edit access to the Parent (related) record.

3. The "Related To" and/or "Name" field must be completed, or the Activity will be deemed Private regardless of other sharing settings (such as Calendar Sharing). 

For example, even if a user shares their calendar with "Full Access", all events that are not associated to another record will be Private.

Please note that the calendar sharing is not available in Lightning Experience.

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