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Native Live Agent - Can I access the Live Agent Supervisor Page from the Service Cloud Console?

Knowledge Article Number 000113381
Description I want to access the Live Agent Supervisor Page from the Service Cloud Console. How can I do this?

You can make the standard Live Agent Supervisor tab accessible by the following these instructions: 
Access the Supervisor Panel

However, there is no option in the Service Cloud Console App setup to add this standard tab to your console.

Below are some options which can make this available...

Resolution 1. Add a new tab (not scalable as must be done user by user and resets when you logout)

- Go to your console screen
- Click on the + to add a new tab
- Paste in the URL = /liveagent/supervisor.apexp
- Click Go!


2. Create a custom Web Tab

- Go to Setup | Create | Tabs
- Click on New under Web Tabs
- Select "Full page width"
- Click Next
- Tab Type = URL
- Enter a Tab Label (e.g. Live Agent Supervisor - Console)
- Select a Tab Style
- Click Next
- Button or Link URL = /liveagent/supervisor.apexp
- Click Next
- Select your desired Profile and App configuration (ensure you add it to your Service Cloud Console App)
- Click Save


3. Create a custom Visualforce Page and Custom Console Component

- Go to Develop | Pages
- Click New
- Enter a Label (e.g. Live Agent Supervisor)
- Ensure Name has no spaces (e.g. LiveAgentSupervisor)
- Enter the following Visualforce Markup = <apex:page action="{!URLFOR('/liveagent/supervisor.apexp')}"/>
- Click Save

- Go to Customize | Service Cloud Console | Custom Console Components
- Click New
- Enter a Name (e.g. LiveAgentSupervisor)
- Enter a Button Name (e.g. Live Agent Supervisor)
- Select the Visualforce Page you created above
- Enter Width (e.g. 800)
- Enter Height (e.g. 600)
- Click Save

- Go to Create | Apps
- Edit your Service Cloud Console App
- From Choose Custom Console Components select the component you created above
- Click Save

* You don't need to use all of these options, you should just choose the one which suits you best.
* If you use option 2 and only want certain users to see it, make the tab hidden to other profiles.

* If you use option 3 and only want certain users to see it, create a separate Console app for them.

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