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Clone with / without products button is not available

Knowledge Article Number 000113386
Description Some Opportunities have the Clone drop-down button while others don't. Instead of the Clone drop-down button, they show a plain Clone button which when used, does not copy the Products in the Opportunity.
Resolution When an Opportunity has an inactive Product associated with it, the record will only show a plain Clone button instead of the Clone Drop-Down button.

This will happen when there is an inactive Product related to one of the Opportunity Products. To address this you would have to edit the Product, click the 'Active' checkbox, click on Save then go back to the Opportunity.

The Clone button will then change into the Clone drop-down button giving you the option to choose between 'Clone with Products' and 'Clone without Products.'

Below is the statement as seen in the opportunity cloning page:

User-added image


This behavior also happens when the Product is Active but the PriceBook is not active
When the PriceBookEntry is not active (e.g. when the Product has been deactivated within the Price Book related to the Opportunity).

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