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What response will Salesforce return during maintenance windows?

Knowledge Article Number 000116783
What should be the effect on the exposed webservices when SFDC is down for maintenance ? What measures should be taken? If the webservice callout fails during the maintenance, what error message will be returned by Salesforce?
A: What error message will be thrown when Salesforce is during maintenance? 
A: HTTP 503 (Service Unavailable). It is up to the integration to handle this gracefully. 
Q: Can it be replicated in a sandbox? 
A: No, unless that you try to call the web service exposed in a sandbox when the instance is in maintenance. 
Q: What can be done? 
A: Implement a retry logic so that if HTTP 50x is received, the message should be re-enqueued and retried later.
    Also, make sure to check to confirm if there is a maintenance window scheduled in the time-frame. 

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