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Why are inbound emails via Email to Case On-Demand not taking the default Routing Address values?

Knowledge Article Number 000123531
Description BEHAVIOR:

After creating a new Email to Case On-Demand Routing Address, the administrator may notice that inbound emails redirected to the Email Services Address are creating cases as expected, however some of the configured default values which include:
  • Case Priority
  • Case Origin
  • Case Record Type
Are not taking the preset values.
Resolution CAUSE:

The behavior generally occurs when the Routing Address has not been verified.  When a new Routing Address is created, a confirmation email will be delivered to the address, where a link must be selected for validation.

The status of Routing Addresses can be viewed under Setup | Customize | Cases | Email-to-Case.  Under the Routing Addresses section, the admin should either see 'Verified' or 'Pending [Resend]'

To address the issue, verify the Routing Address via the confirmation email.


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