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Considerations when deleting Portal Roles

Knowledge Article Number 000123541
Description Following are the details that need to be considered when deleting portal roles.
  • Roles can be deleted from any point in the hierarchy as long as a user is not assigned. If a user is assigned then, we need to move the users to a different role and then delete the role
  • Remaining roles will be renamed based on the number of roles remaining
    • If 1 role remains, User
    • If 2 roles remain, Manager => User
    • If 3 roles remain, Executive => Manager => User
  • Role Id remains the same and only the name changes
For example, if we have 3 roles for a Partner account and we delete Manager Role, then we will see that there is still a Manager role, because now the Executive role is renamed as Manager.
  • Even though the name is changed to ensure the hierarchy is corrected as shown above, the functionality of the existing role remains the same.
  • Currently, there is no way to delete a role that is assigned to user
  • All actions (adding roles or deleting roles) are logged in the Setup Audit Trial

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