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Sharing Tasks with Salesforce-to-Salesforce

Knowledge Article Number 000123549

How do I share tasks with Salesforce-to-Salesforce and what can I expect when doing so?

Sharing Tasks with Salesforce-to-Salesforce
Tasks associated to the record at the time it was shared will be transferred to the Connected organization by selecting "Task (opened)" and "Tasks(closed)" . However any new associated tasks will not be sent automatically.
In order to share any subsequently created Tasks the administrators must place the "Sent Connection Name" column to the "Open Activities" and " Activity History" related lists. Please follow the steps below in order to add this column on the related lists:
1. Go to Setup | App Setup | Customize | Contacts | Page layouts
2. Click Edit besides the desired page layout (For example, "Contact Layout"
3. Click on the properties icon located in the "Activity History" related list.
4. Add the "Sent Connection Name" column to the related list and click "Ok".
5. Click "Save".
Once you have added this column, you will be able to send new tasks/activities by clicking "Manage Connections" in the record detail page and select the other organization.

Expected Behavior | Common Scenarios
When sharing tasks with Salesforce-to-Salesforce you might come across the following scenarios. 
Scenario 1: You have an Account, the Account has some Contacts related to it and each Contact has some tasks. You are publishing Accounts, Contacts and Tasks and your partner is subscribed to these same objects. When you transfer an Account, you have the ability to also transfer related records (Contacts and Tasks). Once the Account and its related records is transferred, you will notice that in the target organization, the "Name" (Contact/Lead ID) field on all the Tasks is blank.
Reason: When you send the Account and related records, everything attaches to the Account because it is the parent that is being shared. The "Name" field will not be populated because the Contact is not considered the parent. The record that is being sent is considered the parent. You need to manually populate the "Name" field to show the Contact the tasks is related to.
Scenario 2: You have shared an Account with your partner. You then created a new Contact under this Account, and you have also created some Tasks for this new Contact. You want to share this Contact with the existing Account on the target organization. You go to the Account and click the "Manage Connections" link next to the Contact and you transfer it along with its related records (Tasks). On the target organization, the Contact was transferred along with its tasks, but the "Related to" field is blank on all its tasks.
Reason: This is the same scenario that was first described. In this case, the Contact is considered the parent, so all the related records will attach to it, thus leaving the "Related to" field blank, as the Account/Opportunity is not considered the parent record. You need to manually populate the "Related to" field to show the record the tasks are related to.
Scenario 3: Using the same example described on Scenario 2. Once you have transferred the new Contact to the target organization. You notice that its tasks show up on the Account Page, but all the tasks are missing the "Manage Connections" link. All other tasks do have this option.
Reason: The "Manage Connections" link will only show up on what Salesforce-to-Salesforce considers to be the parent record. In this case, since the Contact is the parent record records of these tasks, on the Contact page, the "Manage Connections" link will show up for all tasks. But this link will not be visible from within the Account page as the Account is not the parent record of these tasks.

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