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Why the format of the description of my case is not aligned with the body of the inbound HTML email after converted by Email-to-Case

Knowledge Article Number 000123567
Description Issue:

The HTML content of the inbound email is formatted properly but after it's converted into a case by Email-to-Case all the format are gone inside the description section (meant to align with the format of the content on the inbound HTML email).
Resolution A very common cause is that there are missing HTML tags on the inbound HTML email. (e.g. there may be an close tag </p> for an paragraph but missing the open tag <p> OR there may be a close tag </br> but missing the open tag <br>....etc).

The inbound HTML email might be opened ok on a web browser as a normal HTML page but doesn't mean that it's written properly without any HTML tags missing. Usually web browser has a certain tolerance to deal with missing HTML tags but in Salesforce the best practice is always to make sure the HTML codes are all properly written without any missing tags. Otherwise unexpected behavior may occur.

If there are any missing tags found on the inbound HTML email, simply create a new copy of the email and put back all the missing tags and do a test to confirm if the formatting issue can be fixed.

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