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Package install fails with the error - No clean data columns available for custom fields

Knowledge Article Number 000126971
Description Occasionally a user may receive an error, "No clean data columns available for custom fields" or "Record Currently Unavailable The record you are attempting to edit, or one of its related records, is currently being modified by another user. Please try again." which also references a particular field and object.
Resolution This sometimes occurs due to an error in the sandbox copying process, or some metadata in bad state. 

You may attempt to resolve this by creating one or more new custom field on the object named in the install error till you get "limit exceeded" error, then delete it and then go to the bottom of your list of custom fields to the deleted fields section and erase them.

This will update that object and should allow the install to proceed.  You may encounter another similar error, just repeat the process for the next object named.

If you're unable to leverage the workaround above due to also receiving the error upon attempting to create a custom field, a System Administrator will need to log a case with Salesforce Support authorizing the team to run the physical delete process outlined below to resolve the error.

The error is frequently caused by deleted custom field metadata not being properly purged from the application. If this unexpected metadata state is found to be the cause of the issue through Support's investigation they may, with a System Administrator's permission, initiate a manual physical delete process on your behalf to clean out lingering field metadata that may be causing the error message.


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