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Gmail recipient- Why am I seeing "via" followed by

Knowledge Article Number 000133743
Description The customer is expecting to see the senders name in the from field but customer sees the from is by "via (Interchangeable ID)" instead of the person sending the email.

Resolution This issue is evident when the customer is using Gmail and is not a Salesforce issue.

This is a security feature set by Gmail which displays the full email address of the sender.

"Gmail detected that the email was sent via another mail service. This means that the sender may be using a third-party email service to generate this message. For example, the message may have been sent through a social networking site which offers an email service or sent through a mailing list that you’re subscribed to.

Gmail displays this information because many of the services that send emails on behalf of others don’t verify that the name that the sender gives matches that email address. We want to protect you against misleading messages from people pretending to be someone you know."

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As mentioned in the Google article following a best practice of using DKIM signing Create a DKIM Key in Salesforce combined with an SPF Sender Policy Framework entry for Salesforce MTA IPs in the senders DNS should resolve the problem.

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