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Native Live Agent - Connection Issues

Knowledge Article Number 000138845
Description Customers using Live Agent should whitelist all of the traffic to Salesforce and Live Agent Servers.

If possible, you should have this traffic bypass any proxy server as well. Proxies notoriously interfere with the real time nature of Live Agent communication.
Resolution If you are experiencing unexplained disconnects while using Live Agent, it may be that your network devices (routers, gateways, firewalls or IPS appliances) are misidentifying the Live Agent network traffic as "malicious." If this happens, traffic and packets may be blocked, causing disconnects.

Have your IT or network administrators review your network devices and configurations.
    Traffic from Salesforce and the Live Agent servers can be identified by IP address. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you whitelist/exclude these IP address blocks:

    If your firewall or proxy filter supports white-listing of host names, use a wildcard host name entry for the following pattern:
    • *
    • If possible, have all the Live Agent traffic bypass the proxy server
      IMPORTANT: All communication occurs over port 80 and port 443.
      Once the traffic has been excluded/whitelisted, Live Agent should begin to operate normally.

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