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Admin Request: Assignment Rules

Knowledge Article Number 000145599
Description Admin Request: Assignment Rules.

Send the following information in your Case Description when logging a case for an Assignment Rule. 
1. Should this be created in Sandbox or Production? If sandbox, which sandbox?
2. Would you like us to contact you before proceeding with work, even if all the requirements are clear? 
We will always contact you if something needs further explanation.
3. Specify if CASE or LEAD assignment rule:
4. Rule Name:
5. Sort Order (is a number, specifies which order the rule will be processed, if left blank, we will just add to 
the bottom of your existing rule)
6. Run this rule when (select one):
-criteria are met
-formula evaluates to true
7. Running rule
If running rule when 'criteria are met', specify the criteria (example: field 'case status' = Urgent)
If running rule when 'formula evaluates to true' give formula logic
8. Select User or Queue the lead/case should be assigned to:
9. Email Template: (need email template folder and name)
10. Any predefined case teams that should be added to the case?
**Repeat items 3-8 for EACH rule you would like created.

NOTE: All of our Configuration Case Templates can be accessed on our Premier Success Plans Tool kit.
Scroll down to the section “Customize Salesforce for your Business” | Find the tile “Configuration Case Templates” | Click "Download"
Or, click directly to the Configuration Case Templates

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