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Radian6 - Analysis Dashboard - Trends by Twitter Followers

Knowledge Article Number 000145609
Is there a way to create a chart for the growth in Twitter followers similar to what is available in the media viewer?


1. Ensure that Tweets from the Twitter account you want to review are captured in your Topic Profile. You can either create and apply a source filter or use keywords  to capture Twitter content. 
2. Build a River of News widget to only pull content from the Twitter account.  Configure the widget for the date range you are interested in.
3. Export the River of News widget as a CSV file. 
4. Open the export in Excel.
5. Delete the columns between Publish Date and Followers. 
Publish Date and Followers are the only two columns you need to create the graph.
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6. Sort the Publish Date  from oldest to newest
7. Select the content in the Published Date and Followers columns.
8. Insert the line chart of your choice to show the increase or decrease in Twitter followers over time.
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