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Why am I consistently / constantly being logged out of Salesforce while I am working? (Internet Explorer)

Knowledge Article Number 000148984

Having an issue staying logged into Salesforce?

Sometimes users will get logged out of Salesforce before the session timeout setup in session settings.  Please note that this article is geared towards Internet Explorer.

Please ensure you understand the material in this article in order to determine what the session timeout has been set to in the specific organization:  Session Settings

Quick click path is: Setup -> Administration Setup -> Security Controls -> Session Settings

If you are being logged out well before the timeout implemented in the session settings typically the issue is related to the browser being utilized and how it handles cookies.

Our recommended browser settings for Internet Explorer indicate (Step 3 - Privacy Tab) to always allow session cookies however sometimes this does not fully resolve the issue (which you think it would).
If the above is all in working order, and you have still been experiencing log out issues it may be necessary to reset the browser back to factory defaults, then re-implement the browser settings before you see a positive change in your browsers behavior.

Please note that these next steps will result in the GUI of IE to be set back to default as well as the home page.  This will not affect bookmarks/favorites.  Read the warning message before clicking reset for a better understanding.

Resetting the browser back to factory defaults can be done from the Advanced tab by clicking the 'Reset...' button.  If you have multiple IE windows open you will be informed you have to close them before proceeding.  Once you are able to proceed you will see a window with a check box asking if you want to delete personal settings as well.  Ensure that checkbox is checked and proceed.  Once done you will need to restart Internet Explorer.

Options -> Internet Options -> Advanced Tab -> Reset ... -> Check the box to delete personal settings and continue.  Restart the browser.  Go in and re-enable the privacy settings mentioned above.

After resetting the browser you should no longer experience the sooner than expected time outs.

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