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How to Mass Update Account Teams related objects access

Knowledge Article Number 000148990
Description You can mass update the level of access for an Account and its related Opportunities, Contacts and Cases for Account Team members via the Data Loader.
Resolution Go to the Data Loader and Select Export  and make sure to click on Show all Salesforce Objects:

1. Export
2. Select Account Share (AccountShare)
3. Select all fields 
4. Add the following condition: RowCause equals Team
5. Finish
6. Click on View Extraction
7. Click on Open in External Program

Depending on which related object(s) you want to update you can remove some of the fields or columns from the CSV file.  For an explanation of each column see the SOAP API Developer's Guide.

Update the file with the access that you prefer, the values in the Data Loader are different from Salesforce, for example:

None = Private

Read = Read Only

Edit = Read and Write

After you modify the file using the values None / Edit or Read, you need to go back into the Data Loader / select Update and Map the fields.

Only map the Id and the object(s) that you want to change the level of access for: Account, Cases, Contacts or Opportunities.

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