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Change Set deployment with Role fails due to "field integrity exception: unknown (Case access level below organization default)"

Knowledge Article Number 000149002
Description Customer wants to deploy some roles from one sandbox (A) to another (B). They created a change set in A sandbox and it only contains a few roles as components. Uploading was successful, however when they try deploying the inbound change set in B sandbox, it fails with the following error.

"field integrity exception: unknown (Case access level below organization default)"
This issue can occur due to the different sharing level for Case object in two environments. (Similar error can occur with Opportunity)
For a role, object access level for Opportunity and Case will depend on the Org Wide Default Sharing setting. If the default sharing for Case in A sandbox is "Private", the role definition should have the access level information for Case. 
However, in this case, if the customer changed the default Case sharing setting to "Public Read/Write/Transfer" in B sandbox, the change set deployment will fail because roles in B sandbox will not have Case access level setting for Case due to the sharing setting which is Public.
So, making the sharing settings same in two environment can resolve this issue with Role deployment.

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