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Admin request: create or modify Fields

Knowledge Article Number 000152648

If you're making a request to create or modify a Field, here's the information that we need from you when you submit your case.



Requirements: Create a Field

1. Production org or sandbox? (include your sandbox name or Org ID)

 2. Would you like us to contact you before proceeding (even if requirements are clear)? We'll always contact you if something needs further explanation.

 3. What object is this field on?

 4. What should the field be named?

 5. What is the field type (for example: Phone, Email, Number, Currency, Date, Date/Time, Long Text Area, Picklist, Checkbox, Lookup, etc)?

 6. If a Lookup, Master-Detail, Roll-Up Summary, please specify the related object and field.

 7. If a numerical field (Number, Currency, Percent), please specify the number of decimal places.

 8. If a Text field, please specify the number of characters and visible lines needed.

 9. If a Picklist, please specify the values to include, what order they should be in, and which record types to include them on.

10. If a Formula field, please describe the conditions and return values.

11. What should the Description and Help Text read, if any?

12. Should all profiles be able to see and edit this field? If not, please specify your requirements.

13. Should this field be added to all page layouts? If not, please specify your requirements.


Requirements: Modify a Field

1. Production org or sandbox? Please specify sandbox name or Org ID.

2. What object is the field on?

3. What is the name or URL of the field being edited?

4. What is being changed? (for example: field name, data type to change to, number of decimal places or text characters, formula modification, field-level security, etc.)

5. If a Picklist field, please indicate which values to replace or delete, whether or not to update values on existing records, and which record types to update.


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